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Steven Payne egy labdát meglovagolva kelt át az Alpokon! – VIDEÓ

A gyerekjátékként ismert, kapaszkodókkal ellátott labdát Hannibálnak nevezte el. És tényleg átkelt, átugrált vele az Alpokon idén augusztusban. Steven Payne és a spacehopper kalandjai!

Steven Payne, aki Nyugat-Sussex-ben, Chichester-ben él, nemrégiben tért haza a hihetetlen túráról, melynek során egy gyerekjátékot meglovagolva kelt át az Alpokon: az olaszországi Bardoneccia-tól ugrált Grenoble-ig.

Rested and refreshed by Alpine streams it is time to get on with the bouncing…….

Gepostet von Steven Payne am Dienstag, 7. August 2018

A ’spacehopper’ elnevezésű Magyarországon is ismert gyerekjáték – melynek magyar elnevezése bizonytalan – meglovagolására az inspirációt egy hajléktalantól szerezte, akinek támogatta lakáshoz jutását, és további anyagi támogatást ígért neki, ha a kicsit megviselt spacehopper-t sikerül eladni.

Steven Payne a tizenhét napos utazás alatt hetvenhat mérföldet tett meg. Teljesítményéről a BBC is beszámolt.

Crossing the Alps on a spacehopper

"It occurred to me that nobody has ever tried to cross the Alps on a spacehopper"…Steven says he spent 17 days crossing from Italy to Switzerland. 😳⛰

Gepostet von BBC am Montag, 27. August 2018

Persze, emberünknek nem ez az egyetlen elképesztő teljesítménye. Biciklizett ő már lovagi páncelban:

Now that I am safely back I can post about a couple of things.Firstly, my next 'adventure'…..Some of you will have noticed that up to now they have all been about transport of one form or another.On the first winter I walked ….. the ancient pilgrims way route from Southampton to Canterbury, dressed in authentic 14th century clothing, eating only in original medieval pilgrims stops and sleeping rough wrapped in my cloak.On the second winter I sailed ….. the original route of Saint Brendan in the 6th century, down the entire length of the Wye river and across south Wales to his destination at Llancarfan Abbey, again sleeping rough along the way.On the third, in summer, I travelled by spacehopper ….. across the Alps from Bardoneccia to Grenoble ….. not a medieval pilgrimage this time, but a pilgrimage of sorts nonetheless, inspired by a homeless man who had suggested it in jest as a illustration of how hard life is on the streets.Next time I have been thinking about using my penny farthing. After all it is another form of transport, I already have it, and it is 'a bit different'. Not different enough though, so I wondered about combining it with another of my interests and riding a penny farthing whilst wearing a full suit of medieval armour!But where to go?That's where you come in….should I go London to Paris? Paris to Rome? Across the Mojave desert? Keep in mind that ideally it would take about two weeks, (my Alps trip took seventeen days) and should be inordinantly perilous to boot.Let me know.Secondly ….. The first crossing of the Alps by spacehopper was inspired by a homeless man 'Paul'. Some of you have asked me about him.Paul was made homeless because he is diabetic, and his condition makes him tired. He overslept one day, and he was let go from his job as a result. It wasn't a great job, being that he was on a zero hours contract, but it just about kept a roof over his head. When he lost his job he also lost a place to live as he couldn't pay the rent. That meant that everything he owned, except what he could carry, went in the bin.He lost his family photographs, except for a few of the more personal ones, his books, most of his clothes, and all the things he had collected over the years.Paul has, for the last seventeen days, been living in an unoccupied house. The person who normally lives there has been out of the country. This has given him a 'holiday', access to a bath, cooking facilities, plenty of books and a bed (no TV unfortunately, as the person who normally lives there doesn't have one), in short, all the things he lost when he was made homeless. Paul is moving into supported accomodation tomorrow morning, he has got somewhere to live as he has been able to provide an address over the last couple of weeks and someone recently put up a deposit for him. He also has a job…sort of, although at first he won't be earning much. However, Paul has no 'stuff', so I have decided to help, and one of the things I will be doing is selling an old spacehopper I happen to have. It's a bit worn out, having travelled a long way, and is not worth a great deal, but is basically sound. I will put it on eBay just as soon as I can figure out how to do so, and post a link here, so if you have children, and they like to bounce, then maybe think about that. Every little helps, as they say.I will be giving the money to Paul, so he can maybe buy some cutlery, plates, a kettle (he likes tea too), bedding and maybe even some books.Paul does not like being photographed or identified publically…. understandably he finds the indignity of his situation one of the hardest things to bear, and so I can't even prove to you that he exists, but rest assured that he is very grateful for any help he gets and is a decent bloke who has gone through a rough time.If he could, he would thank every last one of you who has sent your good wishes over the last few weeks.I think Paul is going to be OK.In the meantime I attach this video….it's sort of a 'proof of concept' for the next mad adventure….

Gepostet von Steven Payne am Sonntag, 19. August 2018

Steven Payne teljesítménye akár a Librarius Sportrovatában is helyet kaphatna!

Steven Payne egy labdát meglovagolva kelt át az Alpokon! – VIDEÓ
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